Hi there, Mom and Tiny Human here! We are a mom and daughter team trying to break the monotony that the monsters known as Work and School are trying to force onto us.

This is our safe space. The place we can put our thoughts and musings. We are tired of hiding our ideas away in notebooks or letting them  fade away because we don’t have a location to store them.

Dedicated space. That’s what this is.

Mom Lore is the traditions that this Mom has picked up and the technique she has developed over the course of being raised by the Tiny Human. Sometimes she will add a short story or two that she has written for the Tiny Human’s amusement. The Tales that the Tiny Human will be sharing are her thoughts and brain clouds that she wants to push out  into the world.

Please enjoy our short blogs that are kept up to date as well. They are a glimpse into the radical world of one makeshift mom and her tiny accomplice.