Corp Cure

I had felt the itching at a constant. The burning was nearly unbearable. Nearly. The only comfort was knowing it would be worth it. The transition would be complete and then I could finally rest. 
The sounds my body made kept me focused. I knew the creeping sound was healing me. The crawling was my coup, my rise above the common. My soma and soul would be free from these confines. Dreaming of this rebirth was all I had before I found the Corporeal-Cura. 
The Corp Cure was a simple injection. It’s contents wormed through the veins. The Cure took root and blossomed within a week. You could be one with Mother in under seven days. Seven days and you could be One. As above, so below. I would soon understand the One Thing. I would BE the One Thing. 
It took hold over night. I had finally reached sleep, even through the growth. Shortly after slumber set in, my flesh was consumed. I felt nothing until it was over. My self, as I had come to know, was no more. 
I had thought there was peace to be had once I became One. At first there was. I felt the flutter of wings where I had once felt nervousness. I smelled the moisture in the ether and the fullness of the clouds. I could hear the heartbeat of the clay earth beneath me. Me. I could not tell my form. I wondered if my phantom limbs would always be there. 
Too soon I realized that to be One meant a wholeness with All. I had believed this to be my goal but had not considered the weight. A connection to every living thing. Above and below, as far as imaginable and then still some. But there was no peace here. The beauty was overrun by sounds of tires. Engines in the air. The smell of exhaust and mountains of waste. 
I was surrounded by a forest of other Cures. We all felt the same sadness now. The same suffocation. For miles the Cured stood. Unable to speak, unable to move. I could feel them too. Their panic was so visceral it had it’s own life. It smelled sour. 
Below us were humans. Walking, running, laughing. Some mid transition, excited for what was to come. Soon they would join our forest. Our only hope for peace was for the whole race to transition. A true Cure could take generations. My only comfort now was knowing I had the time. 


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