Our Cat, the Dragon 

A dragon showed up on our defunct farm. She growled instead of the usual meow others of her kind normally greeted me with. Her voice was deep and she only allowed pets if you brought a sacrifice of fish. 

Sugar Brim, once a feral dragon, came to us missing part of her tail and a deep  distrust of humans. After years of living under pine trees and pillaging tiny mouse-villages, purring was less than natural to her.
My Tiny Human named the dragon Sugar Brim, like the brim of a sugar bowl, and insisted that she only dine off of fine china. The Tiny Human started feeding her from a saucer and chose a fancy tea cup as her water dish. “She may look rough, mom, but she is still a lady!” 

The Tiny Human loved this particular dragon. For some reason Sugar Brim was all she wanted. Everyday she played outside and went to the pine tree, where Sugar Brim lived, to call for her to join in adventures. They traveled the woods together and Sugar Brim sat with her at the end of our drive every morning to wait for the bus. It was adorable in every way. 

One day though, the balance in our yard changed. As my Tiny Human played, a great beast roamed through. Our neighbor’s canine was loose and apparently looking to attack little girls. Before I could get to my Tiny Human the furry beast was charging, teeth bared. As I ran I saw a flash of gray to my right. Sugar Brim had left the safety of her pine and was running to defend my Tiny Human. Her Tiny Human. 
The great yellow beast ran from our yard with quite a disfigurement to show for it.  Sugar Brim growled at my Tiny Human’s heels until the beast was well out of sight. 
Sugar got an extra helping that night around the bonfire. 
Ultimately, Summer ended and the meower finally graced the interior of our home with her presence when temperatures dipped below zero. She is as fierce as the fiercest dragon ever known, but a chill in the air is her one weakness. 
Now, after years of cohabitation, she has finally given in to the life of luxury our tiny home provides. The meals are just too great and she adores the Tiny Human’s company. 
As a dragon, she makes a wonderful nap guard. She is also exceptional as a reading buddy, a gaming buddy or really any activity that involves snuggles. 
True story. 

– Mom Lore


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