The Moon & the Stars: A Short Story and a Scrawled Sketch

Once upon a time the stars in the sky took the form of a girl to visit the world below.

She was beautiful, brilliant, and her heart shone like a clear night. She could run as fast as a shooting star and knew all the great secrets of the world.

But the heavens couldn’t prepare her for life on earth. It was hard and rough and dark, even darker than night. The star-girl cried some times. She would sit in a meadow outside an old tower where no one lived and she would look up and cry, missing home. She wanted desperately to get back but couldn’t find a way.

One night as she gazed at her sky, she realized she was not alone. A young man wandered through the reeds. He was funny-looking but wore a smile. The Star-Girl didn’t know that he he feared that if he stopped smiling his heart would turn to stone.

The man called to the Star-Girl, who was now a woman, “Why are you crying?”

And she said, “Because this place isn’t very kind to me.”

The young man nodded, “No it’s not. It’s been unkind to me too.”

She looked at him and the way he smiled goofily made her narrow her eyes, “What’s so funny, buddy?”

To which the young man said, “I don’t know. I guess everything is a little silly. When you look at it from up so high.”

This only made her more suspicious. Her eyes told him to explain “Well, see, from up there,” he pointed to the sky, “you can grow tired of looking down and from down here they get tired of looking up. Everyone thinks the thing they don’t have is what they need.”

“You’re nuts,” said the woman.

“A little. But I’m also right. Sometimes the best thing for us is right under our noses.”

“That’s childish,” she said. “You need to explore or you’ll never learn.”

“Yeah, well, if there is one thing I’ve learned it’s that things get more complicated with age. But immortality is here.” He pointed to his smile. “Trust me. I’ve been around a long time and I’ve never stopped smiling. People say its a mountain’s shadow but what do people know?”

The woman leaned close as though his face suddenly went out of focus. “Who are you?”

“Come on, Stars,” he teased, “We’ve been neighbors for so long.”

Suddenly it made sense. “You. You’re the Moon.” He reached out for her hand and nervously she took it. “Where are we going?”

Above the night stars shimmered and danced like little white flames. A thousand memories and stories all told in flashes of those lights. Loves and losses. Victories and defeats. Joys and sorrows. All happening in one beautiful moment.
“Home.” Said the Moon. While the Stars smiled. She was finally going home.


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