Not For the Kiddies :) Mercury Man -Short Story from Mom’s Mind

As a full time mom working a full time job sometimes I like to play a story out in my head and only write out the endings. Here is one for example. This is my Mercury Man. A nod to Wells of course for his early inspiration in my childhood.

-And in the end the displeasure he wished to dole out, instead consumed him. The feeling he had once had in the pit of his stomach had spread. Acerbity. The sharpest knife dipped in poison. Nothing could stop it now. Resentment was a disease-carrying parasite. Lawrence felt the mercury spreading over him and realized this was the last time. The silver writhed it’s way up his trunk and arms. He imagined thousands of glittering beetles. Beetles carrying a trail of malice. Crawling. Scuttling. Ever closer to his contorted mask. He dropped to his knees. The weight of what he had done crippling him. He clamped his eyes shut, obscuring the scene that lay before him. Silence befell the room. The only sounds were in his mind. The screams of a tortured ego. In his last moments Lawrence opened his eyes. Wide. Peeled. He looked out on the smashed bottles and overturned reality. The madness. The quicksilver filled his mouth and slowly spilled into his eyes; blurring the scene and tinting the chaos. Lawrence mustered his final words,

“That this will be what I brand upon the world. A burnt in scar of godlessness and hate. Is my soul’s final regret. ”

And with that, the man of science was no more.


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