Should Sixth Graders be Allowed to Walk to the Library Alone? – Tiny Human

When it comes to reading I feel like all children should be given a fair chance. Many kids don’t have the opportunity to find books that they are interested in. That is why the library is such an important part of a community.
I know that if I hadn’t started reading at the age that I did, I would not be in the place that I am today. Every child should be given the opportunity to read and that is what the libraries are here for. Which brings me to my topic of the day.

Should kids be able to walk to the library alone?

Yes. I do think that kids should be allowed to walk to the library. In our rural area this is a hot topic. The only place within walking distance is the library and many parents are nervous to let their sixth graders off on their own. I think this is an important rite of passage though and I will fight to keep this for future generations.
When I first walked to the library alone it was incredible because I was able to do something serious on my own. I have my own card and I can socialize without anyone to oversee my actions. I can look at anything on the shelves and I have time to make my choices without feeling like I need to rush. My friends and I can discuss our favorite books and music. We are able to be ourselves.
I feel that all kids should be able to walk to the library on their own because it is a wonderful learning experience and has multiple facets of freedom.



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