Full Mod 2 – Mom Lore Short

I needed the partitions turned down. The lighting was a sun cresting rolling hills. The leaves were turning. It’s normally my favorite view but today it was too harsh so I flicked the scene right. A nice gray day on the water was welcomed.

The sensor for fragrance was on the mend. It would be a few days before the Welds had it finished so the salt water I chose smelled like chlorine. It was better than the sun beaming through my skull but the clinical smell of cleaner was almost too much. “Damn Welds,” I grumbled out to no one.

The Welds had an enormous task. They crawled through the tunnels from cube to cube and mended any of the nerves that needed mending. They were endlessly working. As soon as one task was done another one sparked. I shouldn’t be so impatient but my skin was on fire.


I forced myself to sleep. My dreams were filled with colors and I had an endless thirst throughout the night. Thankfully by morning the burning was gone. It was replaced by a less than pleasant tingle. It felt as though my dermis was humming. I could feel the Halo leaching from me. There was what I could only explain as a sound of fullness all around me. It was inaudible yet audible all at once. I wondered if that would fade in time or if it was something I would have to grow accustomed to.









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