Full Mod- Mom Lore

I thought I was becoming an individual. The procedure was simple and painless. They took only an hour to fully upgrade me. I was what they called “a perfect candidate”. A Conventional needing to ameliorate my casual complacency.


I got the Booster from a new stylist. She had only boosted three others before me and she was filled with excitement to bring me up to Speed. Once I was up to Speed I  could begin the full transition to becoming Individualized. I would be completely unique. I was dying to have that kind of freedom. I could taste it.


“Okay, whatever you pre selected to be your first  Aril will be with you for the first day. You can’t change out for the first 24 hours. It’s suuuuuper important that you don’t. Like, the first guy I boosted tried to change right after he left and he looked like a monster! I may have forgotten to tell him to wait the 24 hours. Oops!” Samara was a sweet girl. She had horns implanted under her skin. I could tell they weren’t a simple Aril. She had gotten the full mod. Her forked tongue  was flicking in and out and her eyes were pure inky black. It wasn’t my style but she looked good. Her scales glistened in the fluorescents. I wouldn’t mind scales.


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