New Car: Early 2000’s Tunes

Tiny Human here, at the place to get my mom’s new car! Her old one was iffy and had 155,000 miles on it. The REAL problem with it was that stereo had started to go, and neither of us can live without our music.

Anyway, I have been just sitting in the corner staring at an old Rolling Stone magazine when a few thoughts ran through my mind, such as why My Chemical Romance broke up. That of course led to quite a few conspiracy theories about if they will get back together or not. Which led me to ask: is my mom actually cool because she got to see them in concert? Will there ever be a band that compares? Why are the bands of “my generation” lame and so concerned with sequins? When will the world accept that everyone looks better in all black?
Well, I best be going before I start ranting about my feelings on the band’s departure in 2013 and the downward spiral of civilization ever since.
So, on that note, have a great day world! Tiny Human signing off!


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