Bells and Whistles

I liked my old car. It was a gift from my parents for my college graduation. I still remember my mother’s face when my father pulled into the driveway. She was beaming.

I was genuinely surprised and so grateful. I had already had my Tiny Human for two years and I was still struggling to make it in this world. A new car was an opportunity not only to go places- literally but also an opportunity to save funds. I am still thankful.

My mother passed away in 2012 when my car was nearly five years old and my daughter was a little over six. I still had the guardian angel my mom had clipped to the visor. It was supposed to remind me to mind my speed. I don’t put much stock into angels but it did slow me down. It reminded me of my precious cargo in the backseat and that life is not a race.

Finally, now in 2017, it was time to trade in my icy blue Ford Focus. Frostwing had been a noble steed for nearly a decade. It was time for her to retire. She will probably be broken down for parts and my hope is that they can harvest her organs to give life to someone else’s car. We had over 155,000 miles of adventures together. Drive swift dear friend.

We got a new car, and although I got the “base model” I was still forced into the new bells and whistles that are now considered “standard”.

Furiosa, has a camera to help me back up and I have to talk to her to change the station. Groan.

In our first voyage, I changed the station to some classic rock. The screen flashed letting us know what was playing. From the back seat I hear, “Yes, car, we know this is Black Sabbath. No need to tell us what we already know.”

The Tiny Human and I started laughing. The Tiny Human, with tears in her eyes from laughter, said, “I guess Furiosa isn’t THAT bad.”
And just like that I know this car will have memories to cherish.

I clipped the guardian angel to the visor. Thanks for the ride mom.


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