We’re on the Interwebs

The only thing more dangerous than a well-read woman is a well-read woman with confidence.

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Working Moms & Daughters

I was raised to be independent. My mother had many of her own struggles and my independence was not only a product of her parenting but a byproduct of her life’s trials. Those stories are for another time and tale though. It is important to understand that my independent spirit led directly to this point […]

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Corp Cure

I had felt the itching at a constant. The burning was nearly unbearable. Nearly. The only comfort was knowing it would be worth it. The transition would be complete and then I could finally rest.  The sounds my body made kept me focused. I knew the creeping sound was healing me. The crawling was my […]

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I Dreamt of Bees and Magic

We were brought into a room high above the rest. I was told to sit down and just watch. The girl who was obviously in charge was choosing the game that night. These people took game night too seriously. As I was only a guest I could just watch to see how it’s really done. […]

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Our Cat, the Dragon 

A dragon showed up on our defunct farm. She growled instead of the usual meow others of her kind normally greeted me with. Her voice was deep and she only allowed pets if you brought a sacrifice of fish.  Sugar Brim, once a feral dragon, came to us missing part of her tail and a […]

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Share the Love

The conversation I had with my Tiny Human was something that has become normal. See, when I refer to her as a “Tiny Human” it’s because that is my parenting method. She is a human being. She deserves to be heard and to get answers when she asks a question. She deserves the truth. The […]

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