Working Moms & Daughters

I was raised to be independent. My mother had many of her own struggles and my independence was not only a product of her parenting but a byproduct of her life’s trials. Those stories are for another time and tale though. It is important to understand that my independent spirit led directly to this point […]

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Corp Cure

I had felt the itching at a constant. The burning was nearly unbearable. Nearly. The only comfort was knowing it would be worth it. The transition would be complete and then I could finally rest.  The sounds my body made kept me focused. I knew the creeping sound was healing me. The crawling was my […]

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I Dreamt of Bees and Magic

We were brought into a room high above the rest. I was told to sit down and just watch. The girl who was obviously in charge was choosing the game that night. These people took game night too seriously. As I was only a guest I could just watch to see how it’s really done. […]

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